What I’m Watching

Controlling Our Food: The World According to Monsanto

Written and directed by Deborah Koons, September 2005

This 1 hr 49 min documentary examines the multinational corporation, Monsanto. The company, which is known for its manufacturing of the herbicide, Roundup, also sells seeds for corn, soybeans, wheat, and tomatoes, that are genetically modified (GM) to resist herbicides. Roundup ready soybeans now account for 90% of soybeans on the market today. Both Roundup and GM foods have questionable health effects. It is difficult for consumers to make informed decisions on the issue due to the fact that the FDA does not require GM foods to be labelled as such, based on the “Principle of Substantial Equivalence.” Monsanto also makes the artificial growth hormone, Posilac, known as recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH. The hormone which is injected into dairy cows is controversial, and linked to incidence of breast, colon, and prostate cancers. It is banned in both Canada and the European Union.

Extreme Eats as seen on National Geographic, 2008

Whether a food is considered a taboo or a delicacy, is often the result of culture, tradition, religion, and geography. This graphic, but fascinating documentary takes viewers to China, Venezuela, France, and the Philippines, where some culinary traditions are unique to say the least. In China, wealthy men eat the penis of several animals including dog, donkey, goat, and snake as an aphrodisiac, believed to give them masculine strength and improve their sex life. Talk about extreme application of you are what you eat! In Venezuela, several types of insects, including tarantulas, are eaten as a source of protein. Cheval, or horse meat, which contains 25% more iron than beef, is popularly eaten in France. Street vendors in the Philippines sell Balut, 18 day old duck embryos, eaten feathers, beak and all! The snack is very common, enjoyed by 85% of the population.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, 2010

Joe Cross was overweight and suffering from an autoimmune disease that resulted in an uncomfortable chronic rash all over his body when he decided that enough was enough. He didn’t want to be taking medication everyday, lacking energy, and eating himself closer to a heart attack with each bite. After talking to his doctor, he got the okay to begin a juice fast for 60 days. He blended only fresh fruits and vegetables into green drinks that replaced his usual meals. Within 2 months, he lost 91 lbs and was able to stop taking his medications. He was energized and inspired others to change the quality of their lives by adding nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to their typical diets. His Reboot juicing cleanse has helped many more people lose weight and change their lives. Click the title above for a link to the documentary or click here to check out his personal website for more information: http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ 


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