Back in Business

Hello All!

It’s hard to believe that Happygreenrunner launched a little over a year ago already! I know posts were sparse (if nonexistent ;)) during the school year, but now that classes are done for the year, posts will be back in full swing. I have officially finished all of my undergrad dietetics coursework! My last year of college will be devoted exclusively to my minor in entrepreneurship. All the talk about innovation and new ideas in my first class for the minor this spring has inspired me to expand the scope of my blog. I will now be posting regularly on instagram (happygreenrunner) and twitter (@happygreenrunnr). Please follow me! Both of these outlets will be updated daily, while you can expect blog posts about twice a week.

The goal of the blog last summer was just trying new recipes and increasing my knowledge/experience with food, cooking, gardening, and related topics. This will be a continued objective, but I am adding a few more goals this summer as well. For many people, the most significant obstacles to eating a healthy, balanced diet is lack of knowledge about food and cooking (last summer’s objective), cost of food, and being too busy. This summer I will focus on tracking grocery spending, ways to eat healthy on a budget, and how to prep for the week ahead of time to ensure a week full of deliciousness and vitality-no matter how hectic things get. Whether you are an athlete trying to take your performance to the next level, trying to shed a few pounds, or simply interested in giving your body the TLC it deserves, the nutrition information, recipes, and lifestyle strategies I share on my blog will help get you there. Here’s to a great summer of health, energy, and happiness ahead! : )


2 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Ashley Fournier

    Melissa, the is awesome! Super informative and fun to read. Can’t wait to try some of these tips and recipes. Keep up the great work 🙂


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