But First, Breakfast

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked when people learn that I am an aspiring dietitian is what I have for breakfast every morning (as if there were some magic breakfast for being thin and healthy! ha!). I can never give them a clear cut answer, however, because the truth is that I usually eat something different every day! Usually, I have some combination of fruit, nuts, plain oatmeal/cereal, and plain nonfat greek yogurt. Many people eat oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, but be aware that the flavored varieties are higher in sugar! Adding fresh fruit is a great way to add flavor to your breakfast naturally- while adding fiber and vitamins 🙂 photo (11)

I promise to post more pictures of my breakfasts throughout the summer. Here is what I had this morning:

I spooned 1 container of plain nonfat Oikos greek yogurt into a bowl, added fresh blueberries, pomegranate arils, chopped mint leaves, sunflower seeds, and then drizzled a little bit of organic honey on top for extra sweetness. It was DELICIOUS. Try it!

Here is what it looked like once I stirred everything together:

photo (12)


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