Summer Officially Begins

Quinoa, black bean, corn avocados

Although finals were over a week ago, I had one more week of running and competing, including 37.5 laps at the Mid-American Conference, to do before I could head home for the summer. The team got home late Saturday night, then I used the rest of the weekend to pack up my room and say goodbye to friends. I finally got back yesterday morning. Ah home sweet home 🙂

After living in a less than organized and definitely not clean college house for a year, coming home to a clean and organized kitchen with all the necessary utensils made the idea of cooking irresistible- an immediate must!

I was doing a lot of pinning during my breaks between studying for finals and on the bus ride to and from MACs, so I had plenty of recipes that I was eager to try. One of my friends came over to help and we decided to make quinoa, corn, and black bean stuffed avocados, inspired by a recipe found on the blog, Bullfrogs and Bulldogs. You can find that recipe here, (although we made some changes) :

We sliced four avocados in half and added a dash of salt, pepper, and roasted red pepper flakes. For the stuffing we combined quinoa, black beans, sliced grape tomatoes, corn, juice from 1 whole lime, cilantro, and a little bit of Frank’s hot sauce. We did not measure everything out exactly, just combine the ingredients in the proportions you prefer! There was a lot of extra stuffing, which we served alongside the stuffed avocados. We also served some freshly sliced mango on the side.

Stuffed avocado dinner


2 thoughts on “Summer Officially Begins

  1. Jess Hoover

    Looks delicious! Can’t wait to see all the yummy things you cook up this summer so I can try them as well! Hope you’re enjoying your break but when running starts back up again we will attack the hills of together! 🙂 love, Jess

  2. Anna Lamb and Elisa Frazier

    Wow what a great recipe! We just stumbled upon this while browsing the Interwebs and decided to create it ourselves! We were excited to see that you attend Miami University, because we too attend the same university. In additon, we are also members of the women’s track and field team. How crazy?!
    We deviated slightly from the original recipe as well and here’s the final result:

    Melissa Girgis, you are such an inspiration to all athletes and humans of the earth. Looking foreword to more fun posts

    -Happy Green Runner’s biggest fans ❤ ❤ ❤


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